Saturday, 8 July 2017


We had a lovely time in Spain,
enjoying the people and the weather
(although with a nasty heat wave , by beg. June)...

However we're now very happy, being back home,
catching up with the kids & grand kids,
and taking back our good old routines...

You can't deny your roots,
and our little Belgian nest is just so comfy...

On the quilting front, I was able to complete
my Emma Mary quilt top  YAY !
which I'm simply naming : "Summertime"

Hereunder are some pictures.
These were not so easy to take, due to the weather :
although sunny, there was a constant breeze,
but you'll get an idea, hopefully
It's quite a huge quilt, finally,
measuring 95" by 95"
and, as you can see, I skipped the center medallion,
but added borders,
so it's really my own version...

I've also got another lovely (smaller) finish,
yet I'm keeping it for next post (soon)

THANKS for your visit,
Enjoy your sewing !