Thursday, 8 February 2018


Indeed, winter is still bringing frost and snow, here
But we're also enjoying some lovely white landscapes,
as well as our warm chimney inside,
for which we are so grateful...

This cold weather also helps making some progress
on the quilting front

Baby Julia's quilt is taking shape,
with 7 strips out of 11, hand pieced and embroidered.
The baby is due by mid April, so I think I'm on Schedule
...up to now!

I'm also making a crochet blankie for the baby,
and managed to add a cute little owl 
(thanks to a You-Tube video)
(aren't we lucky we these clever tutorials ?)

Four "Hartjes" joined the stack in their box.
Not much, but it's better than Nothing.
I'm not in a hurry, it's my side-portable project
and I made them while waiting at the dentist's.

And that's it for now, my friends,
THANKS for your visit,
Take care,