Friday, 27 January 2017


Hello, dear friends  😊

As promised, I'm back with some news...

I made a good progress on my "Emma Mary quilt",
with 36 new "Donuts" (as I'm calling them)

Also, some 6 new "Dutch Treat" blocks have been completed

Not too bad, I'd say...
I hope being able to keep doing so !

Some travelling is on the agenda. as well.
As you might know, since retirement, we use to
spend some months/year in Spain, particularly when
we need some light and sun, compared to our Belgian bad weather...

So we'll be heading to our sunny spot by next week,
coming back to Belgium to celebrate Easter with our kids...

I'll be taking my PC with me, so you'll get some
Spanish quilty news...

ENJOY whatever you create !

In stitches,


  1. Heel veel plezier samen! Leuke donuts!

  2. Your Emma Mary quilt blocks are wonderful!
    Congratulations on those very beautiful Dutch Treat blocks!
    Wishing you safe travels to Spain, great weather and a joyful stay.

  3. Ha Nadien,
    Ik reageer even op jou blog hier;0)
    Zie dat je ook een sampler quilt maakt The Dutch ...heb ik in Maastricht gezien op de EQK

    Het blok is van de Sylvia Bridal Sampler waar ik het boek van heb waar alle 140 blokken instaan !
    Ik maak de blokken willekeurig maar zet ze uiteindelijk wel volgens patroon aan elkaar :0)
    Op de foto's zie je t boek wel voorbij komen (label : SBS klikken op mijn blog rechts)
    Zo nodig vraag gerust hoor of mailen ;0)
    Groetjes, Simone

  4. I love them all! So nice to see you back. Happy travels, (I'm looking forward to a piece of warm sunny Spain too) thanks for taking us along.

  5. Those Dutch Treat blocks really are a treat, aren't they! There is something soothing about those blues. And Emma is going to be so pretty with all her colours. You are a lucky duck to get to travel somewhere warm and interesting like Spain. Enjoy every single minute and yes, please take us with you so we can enjoy a taste of your adventure. Be Safe.

  6. Lovely blocks. Spain at this time of year sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

  7. Hello Nadine, love the Emma Mary quilt , been wanting to start one, but never did.
    Have a wonder trip to Spain.

  8. What a fabulous quilt, Nadine. I hope you had a great time in Spain. Welcome back.

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