Friday, 18 May 2018


After all that time spent on Julia's quilt,
I needed some change, and decided to indulge
myself into some knitting , YAY !

My beloved grandma' used to knit beautiful items,
such as sweaters, shawls, scarves, etc...
and she taught me the basics.

So, armed with a lovely variegated yarn,

(King Cole Shine DK - Rhapsody)

and short knitting needles, I decided to try my hands
on a scarf for next winter, and I browsed through
you-tube wonderful video tutorials (LOVE these!)

I selected this one (clic), named "The Feather and Fan"
knitting stitch, and it looked quite do-able...

My-Oh-My !  I had to undo my works at least ten times,
until I figured the pattern sequence properly !
Yet, what a woman wants...
I finally mastered the process,
and now I'm on a roll

At last,  I can peacefully knit my scarf,
in thoughts and memories about my grandma'


Whatever you're making,  ENJOY IT, my friends !


  1. Hi Nadine ,oh i love the wool and how pretty does your scarf look,how precious that it brings you fond memeries of your grandma,sending you a big hug my lovely friend xx

  2. Off to a glorious start .....