Wednesday, 1 January 2020


So, here we are again, starting a new year,
with new goals, some challenges,
in HOPE, FAITH and LOVE...

Beginning December was quite stressful,
with our baby grandaughter JULIA (20 months old)
in a state of high fever and breathing distress.
She was diagnosed with double pneumonia,
and stayed for 3 days in intensive care,
and then another Week at the hospital...

She's now perfectly fine,
just as if Nothing happened,
but I must say it was quite a shock for us,
and we needed some time to get over that...

Needless to say, I was very far from sewing,
or doing anything crafty,
and even our Christmas tree was deorated at the last minute.

Yet, we had a lovely, quiet and grateful Christmas time
in familly, as well as a nice New Year's Eve...

I won't start this New Year with résolutions,
rather focus on special WORDS throughout the year.

For my dear, loving husband of 47 years,
For our 4 children, and 3 grand children,
For our family and dear friends,
For my quilting, that fills my soul,
and keeps giving me wonderful projects... 

Being happy with what we have,
making do, and measure how Lucky we are
to live retirement together, and in health...

Focussing on daily handquilting,
slowly progressing on my current projects,
e.g. my "Sweet Surrender" quilt,
but mainly finishing what I started (recently, or long ago !)
I won't bother you with "THE LIST",
but it's quite clear in my head...




  1. So happy to see you here and know all is well. I also choose focus words for the year rather than setting a bunch of goals. Have a good one, my friend!

  2. Oh, Nadine, I just got to this. I'm sooooo glad to hear that Julia has recovered!! She's a beautiful little sweetheart!!! Your words are perfect, and I hope your new year fulfills all your hopes and wishes. HOPE is the word we all need to hold in our hearts these days. Sending love!

  3. I'm so happy that you are posting again, Nadine, I've missed you. Love the words you've chosen.

  4. Nadine,
    At Chooky's zoom meeting I found you to have an absolutely delightful personality.

    I have only read this one post thus far, but I am sorry your grandbaby got so sick. With the knowledge we have now, do you think it was maybe Covid19? I would certainly think that to be a real possibility.

  5. Nadine so good to hear from you again on my blog! Yes suddenly I felt the need to take a look here in blog land and when I read back some of my old posts, I realized that it's such a shame that I haven't written anything anymore. It is so nice to read what we have all done and experienced. That's why I plan to write something at least every now and then.
    You've been through a number of anxious days with your granddaughter! So good to hear she is feeling much better. Is she still doing ok?
    Maybe you will post something soon?