Sunday, 14 June 2015

A new beginning...

My previous blog Friendship Threads (clic) - created in 2006-  was infected early 2014.  You can still read it, but sadly I can't post from it any longer...

From then until now, I felt discouraged about blogging, but now I'm missing it, so... let's try again ! 

starting with the last quilt I finished (last April) : "A Gardener's Quilt" , that I made for a very special friend...


  1. happy that you started up again! now we can 'visit'

  2. Hi Nadine, long time...... my friend! So great I read your name on Lucy's blog; and recognised your picture!
    So great you starteda new blog!
    I will follow you!
    Love that beautiful Garderner's quilt!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  3. Thank you for your kind email. I will be sending you the pages from the magazine for the sewing caddy soon. This is a beautiful rendition of this quilt pattern. I look forward to sharing your quilting and sewing journey on this blog. For now, I plan to visit your previous blog. Happy Stitching, Ann.

  4. Hi Nadine! I hope you will get back into blogging. I neglect mine far too much but do miss it when I let it go. It is a great way to keep track of things for myself and keep my momentum going. Plus the added bonus of meeting people we would otherwise not get the chance to meet in real life.

    Love this quilt! I remember you showing it as it was in progress. It turned out beautifully and I am sure your friend must love it! What a special gift.

    Let's keep in touch!

    Hugs from Holland,