Friday, 14 August 2015


This summer is SO hot, it was sometimes difficult to hold a needle, not to mention any handquilting ! Yet, all quilters know that the weather cannot stop us making projects, and this is for the BEST...

So what's been simmering in my head, lately ?

Inspired by Petra Prins & Ann Monen beautiful book "Promenade dans un Jardin Hollandais" as well as by Juud's gorgeous quilt (visiting her blog is a MUST for the inspiration, See my Bloglist, on the left) "LES SOEURS" touched my heart, as well as my best friend's, Valentina.
So we've decided to start that wonderful journey together, and so we're  now "zeuren", as Dutch quilters say.

 Since then, we're tracing and cutting loaaads of half-square triangles, in order to piece lots & lots of Hourglass blocks, choosing among our treasured fabrics.

We're also dreaming about the JANE AUSTEN QUILT (sooo romantic!) and collecting/exchanging special fabrics for the purpose...

I'm still pondering whether I'll make mine close to the original ....


OR  making it "à la Brigitte Gibblin", like this one ???  
(I love hexies, and I love breaking the rules, too)...

Going next month  to Val d'Argent (Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines) for the big European Quilt Show will certainly help making a choice (as well as find lots of lovely fabics, HeHeeee....).


While in Spain, I fell for CROCHET and decided to make a colourful blankie for the coming cold winter (yes, of course, winter will come!).  I was inspired by the talented "My Rose Valley"(clic)
and her Gipsy Blanket"
(pattern available on her Etsy Shop)

It's almost finished,
The border still needs a few additional rounds to get the right size
(as soon as the weather allows it)
I'm very happy with the result...

Last but not least, I fell in love with a very cute, handy Sewing Caddy, and with the kind help of a very nice quilter friend (THANKS again, dear!), I'm gonna make it in-between all my projects...

What are your next projects ??  I'm always curious... And maybe some of you are coming next month  to Val D'Argent, as well ??  I'd be very happy to meet you !




  1. Hi Nadine, wat leuk om een foto tegen te komen van mijn quilt op jouw blog! Zelf ben ik nu bezig met het in elkaar zetten van Stonefields, daarna de rand nog.......... A quilter is NEVER done, thank god! Enjoy your weekend, Besides my new pojects would be The Irish Circles, Mrs Billings and Harriot quilt........

  2. Ravie de te retrouver, Nadine !

  3. Hi Nadine. I think I found you. I had thought your were at another blog with a different name (pennies etc....) but whoever was writing that wasn't you! But here you are so I'll try to keep better track of you this time!

  4. The Jane Austen quilt is on my list of favourites. That's a lot of half square triangles but it's going to make a stunning quilt. Have fun making your caddy. I look forward to seeing the results!

  5. Nadine, its just too quite on your end! Marry xmas, hope to read from yousoon!

  6. Nadine, Would you know where I could purchase a pattern for the handy sewing caddy? It's adorable.