Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Well, it's been a long time , Indeed  :))

We enjoyed Spain very much,
yet we're now delighted being back
in our little Belgian cottage...

Autumn is here, and although some rain
is coming our way, the colours are splendid
and very inspiring...

I'll post some more pictures next time
(soon, I promise)
but I wanted to show you, at least,
an applique work that I completed recently.

It's inspired from the book "Dear Hannah"
by Brenda Papadakis
and I love it very much.

I was also very pleased, having completed
a big crochet blanket
Making it was a total blessing and very relaxing.

Of course, I'm now full of projects,
including much handquilting,
but there's that special quilt that's haunting my mind,
it really becomes an obsession.

The quilt name is "Sweet Surrender" 
by Sue Coddy.
and it was originally issued by "Material Obsession" Web site

I waited some time, having so many UFO's on my working table,
but now I'm ready to make it...
Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer available.
I have searched the Web, yet unsuccesfully  (sigh)

My only hope now would be that some quilter friend
would have it and would accept to help me.
Of course, I'm ready to buy it second hand.
I really, really would be so grateful !

Crossing my fingers (and toes),
"with a little help from my friend"

I'm wishing you all happy quilting times

In stitches,


  1. So wonderful to see you back. I am looking to a touch of fall here before I melt in the heat and humidity. I love your finished quilt. I think with just a good ruler, you could draft that pattern. I admit it is very attractive. Good luck finding the patterns.

  2. Nadine, Nice to see you posting again! Dear Hannah is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Nadine,
    How nice to see you! Welcome home -- now you can get settled in for the colder months. Your applique project turned out beautifully! Sorry, I don't have the pattern you're looking for.

  4. Hi Nadine, I also crochet as well as quilt with applique being my favourite. Your Dear Hannah looks beauitful. Sweet Surrender was being worked on by Pam at
    https://pamspaintbox.blogspot.com/ and her blog is called Applique Paintbox. She might be able to help you out with the pattern. Good luck with finding it. I'll keep an eye out.

  5. Hi Nadine i found you again,i am your newest follower,hope you will follow me too.
    Beautiful work Nadine,well done,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx