Monday, 21 October 2019


If you remember my latest post, I posted a note about my search for
The "Sweet Surrender" quilt pattern
by Sue Coddy
which is no longer released...

I was immediately contacted by the always helpful
 Pam at "Hokaido Kudasai" (clic)
who suggested to contact another Pam
which, of course, I did ...

Two days later, Pam contacted me, saying that she could
send me a copy of her pattern !
Oh, My … I was thrilled beyond words.
We pleasantly exchanged a few emails,
we shared our love of bright, jewel tones fabrics,
and I also discovered that Pam is an amazing applique artist.
(Please, don't miss visiting her Blog)

The Post offices worked well, and 10 days later
a huge envelope was hitting my door.
Not only did I get that lovely pattern,
but Pam's copies were full of helpful,
personnal annotations...
AND, she even added a whole bunch of
K.Fasset & Kate Spain fabrics !

Just look at those gems !
(I'm planning to use them in another special project )

From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you, dear Pam !

So I was more than ready to start my new project.
How exciting !
Yet, inspired by Marieke, a talented Dutch quilter,
I decided to follow "The Road less travelled",
regarding my colors choices.

So here are my first 2 blocks...
I struggled a bit with those thin stems,
and had to redo them twice,
but now I found my pace, and I'm happy.

The background fabric for the appliques is a gorgeous
ruby red marbled fabric,
whereas the pieced connecting blocks are all
coming from my light fabrics scraps...

I'm planning/hoping to post weekly about
my "Sweet Surrender" updates.

Hmmm, that's another BIG goal !
I'm part of a Bee for more than 25 years,
we're only 4, I'm the youngest, and those
lovely ladies taught me everything...
They can sometimes have "sharp tongues", but always for the better.

We were discussing some projects (including my Sweet Surrender),
and Simone, the eldest (83 years old), looked at me
very seriously, saying :
  " careful, baby, you'll soon become a "topper",no longer a quilter !

WOW, lesson learned, and I decided to handquilt
10 threads a day.  For the moment I'm on my "Dear Hannah' + "Pyramids" tops.


Last Week, we visited the Annual Belgian National Quilt Show, and it was
wonderful, and so much inspiring.
I made more than 100 photos, and will try to post
some of them, next week, as soon as they're sorted...



  1. Oh Nadine, I'm so glad to hear that you were able to connect with the pattern! Hugs!!

  2. What a wonderful post! I am always impressed with the friends I have made through blogging. Every single one is as wonderful as I had imagined. I hope you can enjoy the process ... and thanks for the warning from another 83-year-old quilter.

  3. I have had several lovely gifts in the mail from fellow quilting bloggers and it is such a wonderful feeling. I'm so happy you connected with Pam and got the pattern. And made your start on this amazing project. Good luck with it and happy stitching from me!