Thursday, 31 August 2017


So I had a quiet start on The Stonefields quilt,
and I must say it was real bliss and FUN

This last block is a personnal one,
with a special meaning to me...

Our youngest daughter, Laura (29)  recently told me
how she loved the "Panama Pyramids" quilt pattern,
and how she'd like to get one, "some day"...

What does every quilter do, in such a case ?
She drops everything she was doing (eg. the "Glitters" quilt),
and gladly starts working on her daughter's dream,
thinking that this would make a lovely Christmas gift.
Laura and Nicolas love jewel tones, in plain fabrics,
Something with an "Amish look"
they also like chocolate VERY much,
So I opted for a deep chocolate Brown
for the connecting triangles.
The jewel tones were not a problem,
as I had some gorgeous K.Fasset shot cottons
in my stash.
As for the contrasting, common fabric,
I went for a colorful Batik, and ...
I started the tracing + cutting, and tracing, and cutting,
OMG I thought I'd never see the end of this
big prep'ing job !
But is was worh it, as now I can devote myself
to the handpiecing. YAY !

I need 16 rows of 16 pieced blocks,
and I'm planning on completing these by mid October.
This way, I'll still have 2 months ahead of me
for the handquilting...

And what about that "Easter Bunny" ??
Well, Laura & Nicolas also told us
that she's pregnant with their first child,
for next April 2018
This will be our third grandchild,
with Andrea (13) and Lily (7)
Such a blessing !

Would you guess that I've got some plans for
a baby quilt, as well ??
Of course, I do !
But I'll tell you more in next post.




  1. Quite a blogpost! Congratulations are in order! Lovely news!!

  2. Hi Nadine,love your blocks and congrats its so exciting to have another GC come along,hope your day is a good one xx

  3. Gorgeous quilt - she will love it. Congratulations on the baby to be!

  4. Boy, what a lot on your plate! I haven't gotten started on last years Christmas presents yet!

  5. Hi Nadine,just stopping by to say hello and hope you are well. You have wonderful projects on the go and beautiful starts made. Your accuracy with measuring and cutting is so much better than mine. My Stonefields patterns are still waiting for me...till I get better! Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Nothing happier than a new baby!

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  7. Je bent heel wat van plan zeg. Hele quilt maken voor de kerst. Succes ermee
    Gefeliciteerd oma..........Liefs Connu